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PSF Contributor Agreement

Contributor Agreement

This Contributor Agreement is between Python Software Foundation (“PSF”) and the individual or other entity identified below (“the Contributor”).

To enter the agreement, please fill out your name, address and initial license (Academic Free License v. 2.1 or Apache License, Version 2.0) in the eSign box below. Next, electronically sign it by clicking the button in the signature box and following the instructions. Finally, click the "eSign" button to have the form sent to the PSF Secretary, Ewa Jodlowska.

If you'd rather print and fill out the form, please use the PDF version. Please print a copy of the PDF, fill out your name, address, and initial license, sign it, and either send via postal mail to:

Python Software Foundation
c/o Secretary
9450 SW Gemini Dr.
ECM# 90772
Beaverton, OR 97008

or send it by fax to +1 858 712 8966,

or scan or take a photo of the signed form and email it to