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The Python type system SIG

<H3>The Python type system SIG</H3>

<p>This list has been created for discussions on issues related to Python's type system.

<p>Recently, the types SIG has come under attack for inactivity, and in response Paul Prescod has offered to guide the SIG towards accomplishing a single specific goal: to develop an optional static typing system for Python. The <a href="" >December 1999 archives</a> of the SIG show the discussion that lead to this decision.


The following resources are available:


<li>Guido van Rossum's latest <a href="" >proposal</a>

<li>Greg Stein's latest <a href="" >proposal</a>

<li>Paul Prescod's latest <a href="" >proposal</a>

<li>Scott Cotton's latest <a href="" >proposal</a> (<b>new!</b>)

<li>The list owner is <a href="" >Paul Prescod</a>

<li>You can <A HREF=""> Subscribe to the mailing list</A>

<li>You can <A HREF=""> read the past archives</A>

<li><a href="" >Jim Fulton's summary of his interface work</a>

<li>A previous discussion on the class/types dichotomy is available from <a href=""></a>

<li>Summaries from IPC7's Developers' Day sessions are also available from <a href=""></a>