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Thread-SIG - SIG on Process Threading in Python

<H3>SIG on Process Threading in Python</H3>


<h3><font color="ff8090">This sig has been <a href="/community/sigs/retired/">retired.</a></font></h3>

<P>New postings to the mailing list will be rejected, but the archives of the old list are still available for perusal. See the <a href="/community/sigs">SIGs home page</a> for info about active and inactive lists.


<P>This list's mission is to improve the status of threading in Python.



<li>Python will have a sufficiently powerful threading
interface that users can concentrate on using threads rather than writing threading tools.

<li>There will be sufficient Python threading documentation.

<li>Python should support threading well on every platform with
decent native OS support.
<li>There should be some kind of answer to the problems caused
by Python's central interpreter lock.
<li>The issues of threading with respect to multiprocessor
machines are addressed. <p>


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