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<p>This SIG provides a forum for discussing compilation and program analysis issues. Unlike most SIGs, it does not have a specific mandate or deliverable. There are several independent projects to develop compilers, type checkers, and related tools. The CPython and JPython distributions also contain compilers, of course; future versions of these compilers will also be discussed on this sig.

<p>There will likely be some overlap between the types-sig and the compiler-sig: The compiler will be responsible for implementing the type checker.

<p>This SIG grew out of a Developers' Day session at the 8th International Python Conference. Ka-Ping Yee took <A href="/files/sigs/dev-day-notes.txt">notes on the session.</A>

<p>Pointers to related work (<em>in progress</em>): <ul> <li>Rattlesnake <li>P2C <li>Viper <li>STICK <li>bytecode hacks </ul>