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The Python Software Foundation needs your help building infrastructure for the PSF and PyCon, helping with fund raising and advocacy, and running important parts of the Python community (mailing lists, website, job board, etc).

You can help out by signing up the psf-volunteers mailing list, which puts you in a pool of people that receive requests from the PSF board when there is work to be done that we cannot handle ourselves.

Sign up here!

Don't worry if you won't always be available. Our goal is to build a pool of volunteers so that work can get be done by whomever is available at the time of need. This will help get things done with fewer delays.

Example Tasks

  • Help write brochures and fund raising materials (see the Python Advocacy pages)
  • Help find donors and sponsors
  • Participate in planning and organizing PyCon
  • Act as PSF representative at conferences
  • Do a mini-presentation on the PSF at your local users group
  • Help with other initiatives, such as grants